1. Rudolfo58

    Other SP Pagebuilder Pro 3.6.4

    Demo Changelog: Version 3.6.4 14 Nov 2019 New Introduced the Image Carousel addon. Added 4 new carousel blocks to block collection. Bug Fix Frontend edit 404 issue with sh404SEF. reCAPTCHA issue on Form Builder & Contact Form addons. Page fluctuation issue at interaction firstload. Context...
  2. LSDeep

    Premium RSSEO! 1.21.2

    RSSEO! - A new version of the Joomla extension designed for seo optimization of your Internet project. With this component you get access to a complete set of basic SEO tools. Of the features, one can note the presence of competitor verification, the identification of error pages, the...
  3. LSDeep

    Premium Balbooa Forms Pro 1.7.5

    Balbooa Joomla Forms is an awesome component for Joomla that allows you to create forms of any complexity and design without any knowledge of CSS and PHP. The component has its own very convenient admin panel. In it, you can design forms using the Drug & Drop method. The construction of...
  4. LSDeep

    Joomla 3.x Tutorial How to prevent hotlink in Joomla?

    Hotlinking takes place when someone embeds content (images, music, videos, and documents mostly) from your site in another site with the direct file URL. Effectively, the other site is stealing bandwidth and generating unnecessary traffic hits on your website consuming your hosting resources...
  5. LSDeep

    Other VMUikit 4.6.6

    With VMuikit, you can very easily use Virtuemart with any of the YOOthemes Joomla templates that runs on Warp7 +. VMuikit overlaps all the standard Virtuemart formats and functions in UIKit to the main one i.e., instead of creating a unified appearance of all Joomla and Virtuemart elements. This...
  6. LSDeep

    Other VMVendor 3.5.12

    VMVendor - is a component for Joomla which will make your store on Virtuemart multivendor. Allowing on one trading platform to sell goods to many sellers. This allows each user of your site to add products to the store and manage their products. Users can earn rewards for their sales or earn...
  7. LSDeep

    Other VP Advanced User 1.7

    One click social login and registration with Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, Google, GitHub, Yandex, Live, Linkedin, Foursquare and many OpenID hosts. Unlimited custom fields, email as username, Ajax username & email availability check, password strength meter, profile picture, email template...
  8. AyelGoth

    Nulled AcyMailing Enterprise 6.3.0

    Acymailing is available on WordPress and Joomla! Want to give a try ? Let's do it! You won't even have to choose a platform AcyMailing is open-minded! The perfect email marketing software Check your SPAM...
  9. AyelGoth

    Retail Content Map Pro 1.3.9

    Allows you to associate a geographical location of each content Joomla, and show it on a map in the article. It is also a module, which accumulates in a single map the places linked to the articles. It supports markers with custom icons, information on markers, and all types of maps (road...
  10. AyelGoth

    Nulled Community Polls Pro 4.7

    The most feature rich polls solution for Joomla®. Loads of features, beautiful UI, powerful plugins makes CP unbeatable. Mobile Ready Not just looks but also behaves great on smartphones, tablets and desktops. Supports Bootstrap v2, v3 and v4...
  11. F44DU

    Nulled RSForm! PRO 2.2.7

    Introducing the new release of the indispensable Joomla tool for generating any type of RSForm form ! The PRO . Among the features, one can single out support for multilingualism, generating forms with conditional fields, setting up sending letters, conveniently creating settlement forms...
  12. LSDeep

    Other vQuiz 2.5.20

    vQuiz - a designer of test forms for checking the level of knowledge, online tests, quizzes, surveys, etc. for Joomla 3.x.
  13. LSDeep

    Other vReview 1.9.10

    vReview is a powerful, flexible and, at the same time, easy-to-use system for publishing reviews and reviews for Joomla 3.x. It is completely made on Ajax and allows users to leave their feedback on any material, whether it be a blog, any product or business proposal. This means that vReview...
  14. LSDeep

    Other wbAMP

    wbAMP is a tool that automatically creates responsive mobile pages of your content that are optimized for search engines. Joomla pages are converted on the fly to mobile with the correct HTML markup. wbAMP will collect metadata from any Joomla or K2 article. You can add metadata yourself. wbAMP...
  15. LSDeep

    Other Ultimate Feed Display 1.3.81

    Ultimate Feed Display - this module is designed to display content on a Joomla site via RSS feeds. The module settings allow you to display text and images of materials, their headers and "more details" links. The module can be fully customized to the style of your site. has an MVS structure.
  16. LSDeep

    Other Yendif Video Share 1.2.7

    Yendif Video Share is the most powerful and flexible video player and video galleries for Joomla 2.5-3.x, which helps to add video in the format of your site. Easy to use and multi-functional extension to show one video or build large video sites.
  17. LSDeep

    Other Yendif Events 1.2.0

    Yendif Events is an event registration and management plugin for Joomla 3.x. This allows you to create both free and paid events, allowing brokers to order these events (individual or group) and process payments via the Internet.
  18. LSDeep

    Other Yoo Recipe 5.3.0

    Yoo Recipe - one of the best thematic components for creating an online recipe book for Joomla 3.x. It integrates perfectly with such components of social networks as EasySocial and JomSocial. It has in its arsenal a large number of various unique characteristics, settings and functions.
  19. LSDeep

    Other Jlex Youtube Feed Pro 4.4.5

    Jlex Youtube Feed Pro is a responsive Joomla module that helps you embed YouTube from several sources, such as Playlist (s), Channels, Video (s) and Requests. Completely responsive design, so Youtube looks great on all devices (very smooth for touch devices - try the demo). Support for almost...
  20. Bubu1234

    Other RSForm!Pro 2.2.7

    RSForm!Pro is a must have for all web developers. With the full set of features available you can easily create the most elaborate forms for your website, starting from simple contact forms to advanced multi-page forms with dynamic content. Multiple layouts: Responsive, Bootstrap 2, 3 and 4...