1. LSDeep

    ThemeForest Flathost 3.9.9

    Multi-page responsive HTML5 hosting template with WHMCS support. Minimalist flat design. Very customizable code. Full layer PSD included. Sections include functions, reviews, partners, prices, entry, registration, domain search, contact, etc.
  2. Jekn!cal

    Premium c-Plus Orderform from ThemeMetro 2.6

    This visually appealing template allows you to display a comparison table of your products & services. Perfect for comparing a number of products/services. You should utilise the product features functionality to define comparable features/values, and ensure you have the same format/order for...
  3. Jekn!cal

    Premium Clouder Template from ThemeMetro 3.0.3

    The "Clouder" is a complete website template for web hosting service providers which is integrated in WHMCS client area template, Its included 5 additional pages which are included within WHMCS by using WHMCS additional page option. You just need to edit .tpl files for contents modification...
  4. Endless

    ThemeForest Hostbox WHMCS & HTML5 Landing Page 2019-09-07

    Simple and Modern HTML5 Landing Page Template. Perfectly designed for Web hosting, Cloud hosting, Developers or any hosting service. Including 3+ template variations for your options, but not limited to. Hostbox includes Trust indicators like partners slider, pricing table, features box with...
  5. H

    Request NOC-PS module for WHMCS

    hello, we search for Noc-PS v from deploymentcode.com - encodet ( Open Source Version )
  6. T

    Premium ClientX 1.0.9

    1. Unique Client Area Login & Registration Page - With Social Login And Sign Up We have introduced redesigned Client login and registration page and that too with social login options from Facebook and Google. 2. RTL + Multi-Language Supported Our ClientX is 100% Multi-Language and fully RTL...
  7. T

    Premium Lagom 1.2.1

    A simplified way to manage and customize the WHMCS theme style and layout.
  8. T

    Premium Glaze 1.1

    Glaze is one of responsive WHMCS templates, perfect for those that want a clean red and black theme. Glaze allows your visitors to quickly view your web hosting packages and proceed with their order without distractions commonly found on most templates.
  9. T

    Premium SwiftModders 2.96

    The SwiftModders WHCMS Client Theme offers a completely redesigned client experience for your customers without destroying the user experience flow created by the default “Six” theme. Customize your theme with the Companion WHMCS Module that allows you to edit various layout settings, colors...
  10. T

    Premium HostX 1.0.6

    It is the most unique as well as creative web hosting whmcs template, which is exceptionally designed for web hosting business websites. You would feel the design of the template as clean, simple and sleek and, is easily customizable for any user. Moreover, the redesigned client area looks more...
  11. LSDeep

    Nulled WHMCS v7.8.2 7.8.2

    The new version of WHMCS 7.8.2 is a one-stop solution for hosting companies. Off. website: WHMCS | Web Hosting Automation Made Easy What's new? https://www.whmcs.com/whats-new/ Several payment methods Store several credit card and bank account payment methods for each client Server...
  12. Yondu

    WHMCS Reseller Center Module Garden Decoded License 3.2.1

    Overview Resellers Center For WHMCS will empower your resellers to handle acquired customers and generated sales in your system, while also helping you keep all their ventures under essential supervision. It is through your resellers that end clients will be able to obtain products, addons and...
  13. LSDeep

    Nulled WHMCS v7.8.1 7.8.1

    The new version of WHMCS 7.8.1 is a one-stop solution for hosting companies. Several payment methods Store several credit card and bank account payment methods for each client Server synchronization tool A new way to synchronize servers and reduce the use of inactive accounts Free two-factor...
  14. Yondu

    paysafecard module whmcs 2017-10-30

  15. Yondu

    0100dev's Mollie WHMCS Recurring 2.2 + 2.3

    Please note that this addon/gateway is encoded with ioncube and not decrypted whatsoever. A WHMCS gateway/addon to accept recurring payments through Mollie (Recurring). Automatically sends payments to Mollie, processes them and set the invoices to paid in WHMCS once received by Mollie. The...
  16. Yondu

    New WHMSonic Server Module 2018-05-24

    New module for WHMSonic server. Given to me by the whmsonic support staff. SHA-256 8c2b4219f7decffd366ffa47cf5a95a36dfcb8e1bfa3161e79a022be12e783fe File name whmsonic.php File size 8.31 KB Last analysis 2018-05-24 09:45:09 UTC
  17. Yondu

    Account Synchronization For WHMCS 1.6.1

    Overview Account Synchronization For WHMCS will allow you to automatically import, export and synchronize accounts of external servers with your WHMCS. With just a few clicks, you will be able to quickly and capably synchronize products, accounts and clients between your systems. Our module is...
  18. Yondu

    Asterisk VoIP Center For WHMCS 2018-12-09

    Overview Asterisk VoIP Center For WHMCS is an expanded module that secures close integration between your WHMCS and an Asterisk addon installed on the IP PBX phone system. With it, you will be able to easily monitor, replay and originate VoIP calls without ever being forced to leave your admin...
  19. Yondu

    Pterodactyl Module (Game Panel) 2018-12-31

    Pterodactyl-WHMCS WHMCS Module for the Pterodactyl Panel. NOTE! This module requires the panel to be on version 0.7.3 and above, if you need one for other versions check out death-droid's module.
  20. Yondu

    WHMCS Elements Pro For Elementor Builder v2.0 2019-03-15

    WHMCS Elements Pro For Elementor Builder v2.0 This WordPress Plugin Adds various widgets Elementor page builder to work with WHMCS which is used by most of the hosting companies to bill and manage clients and servers. If you want you can use our plugin with only your WHMCS or also with whmcs...