1. LSDeep

    Premium [JUM] Resource Download Limit 2.0.0

    The plugin will allow you to limit the amount of resources that a user can download in one day. The limit is reset at midnight. If guests are allowed to download in a certain category, then do not forget to give the group of guests in this section the right to ignore the download limit.
  2. LSDeep

    Premium Resource Filter by AddonsLab 2.1.2

    The add-on allows to filter and search resources based on Resource fields. The idea is to allow admins to utilize the power of custom fields to turn their resources into Directory, Classifieds, Shop or other types of content, for which filtering the data based on custom fields is vital. The...
  3. LSDeep

    Premium Lazy Load [img] 2.2.0

    Provides lazy loaded image support via the Lazysizes A zero query method for per user-group lazy loading of the Enable Outside threads/Conversations permits the lazy loading bbcode injection to run outside of those contexts. Inside those context it will still respect permissions. Force...
  4. LSDeep

    Xenforo 2.x Tutorial How to add a Custom Group Badge / Banner to User Info

    Display image with "User banner text" in "User info STEP 1: Go to: AdminCP > Appearance > Templates > and search for the "extra.less" file Open the file and add this code (Call it anything you want. In the example here, I called it ".myBadge" ): Adjust the settings as needed for sizing and...
  5. LSDeep

    Premium [Andy] Post Edit Limit 1.0

    Limits the number of post edits allowed in 24 hour period. (Example of error message) (Example of Options page) Features: All phrases start with posteditlimit_ for your convenience. Installation: Download Andy-PostEditLimit-1.0.zip and unzip it. Copy the src/addons/Andy/PostEditLimit...
  6. LSDeep

    Premium [cXF] Back To Top In Post 1.2.0

    Add an arrow to Go to top (of the page) in each post and optionally choose a position. * this template edits are originally made by @Jordyn (check here). With his permission, I've packed it as an add-on (and add some style property options) Features show arrow to go to top on the left side of...
  7. LSDeep

    Other Beta Route On Subdomain 1.0.0 Alpha 3

    Route on Subdomain This add-on allows setting routes to be used on specific subdomains. Installation After installing the add-on like you would install any other add-on, you must add these lines to your config.php: $config['cookie']['domain'] = '<example.com>'; // this is so cookies are...
  8. LSDeep

    Premium [Andy] Sort More Options 1.3

    Sorts more options links. This add-on will sort add-on links created by XF2 Addons which have been placed at the bottom of the More options menu. (Example of More options menu) Installation: Download Andy-SortMoreOptions-1.3.zip and unzip it. Copy the src/addons/Andy/SortMoreOptions...
  9. LSDeep

    Premium Back To Top Icon In Postbit 2.0.1

    Small addon that adds a back to top icon in the postbit. There are no settings for this addon. There is only one phrase with the addon.
  10. LSDeep

    Premium [Andy] View Signature 1.3

    Replaces signature with a View signature link. When the View signature link is clicked, the members signature is displayed in an overlay. (Example of View signature link) Features: Works in both threads and conversations. All phrases start with viewsignature_ for your convenience...
  11. LSDeep

    Premium Threadloom Search for XenForo 2.x 2.1.0

    Threadloom Search provides an easy way to upgrade your forum with cloud search. It returns 10x as many results as XenForo search. It also gives you image search, spell correction, and WordPress search. We are happy to provide this service free for forums with up to 10 millions posts. Note: As...
  12. LSDeep

    Premium [Andy] Seller 1.7

    Members are allowed to create a few free threads before an user upgrade is required. This add-on is ideal for forums with a classified category and forums. (Example of Options page) (Example of Seller information message) Features: All phrases start with seller_ for your convenience...
  13. LSDeep

    Premium Raffles for XenForo 2.x 2.0.10

    Raffles, giveaways, and contests, whatever you wish to call them, are a great way to increase traffic on any forum. Features: Define a different prize image for each raffle. Set raffle rules on a per raffle basis. Set raffles to start in the future or on the day you create the raffle. Set...
  14. LSDeep

    Premium [tl] Profile Vanity URL 1.0.6

    Allow users use custom route link to their profile. Options: Ability choose between https://example.com/vanity or https://example.com/members/vanity Limit between change vanity url Permissions: Allow certain user groups can use this add-on
  15. LSDeep

    Premium [TH] Force Style Plus 1.0.0 Patch Level 1

    Regardless of the theme/ style a user prefers, the theme you designate will be displayed instead whenever they go to specific pages. Force Style Plus extends this functionality in XenForo to include more pages. Features Force the style for notable members pages Choose which notable members...
  16. LSDeep

    Premium Conversation Improvements by Xon 2.1.2

    A collection of improvements to the XenForo Conversation system. For large forums, please see the "Installing for large forums" section Uninstalling removes all data! Search Index however will require a full rebuild to delete the old data! Features Adds conversation search, with options to...
  17. LSDeep

    Beta [MxR] AnonReferrer System 2.0.4 beta

    [MxR] AnonReferrer System - The supplement serves to hide Referrer (referer) in links and not only. Developer of me "green", for 1 day of testing on a fairly large forum of bugs was not detected. [MxR] AnonReferrer System : Hides Referrer in links (Anonymize) Hide Referrer only from external...
  18. LSDeep

    Other Search Improvements 2.2.8

    A collection of improvements to XF's Enhanced Search and some for XenForo's default MySQL search. MySQL & Elastic Search features; range_query search DSL allows arbitrary range queries for numerical data Allow users to select the default search order independent for the forum wide setting...
  19. LSDeep

    Other [cXF] Reply to User 1.1.0

    Add post author username next to reply with quote. A new phrase added: reply_to Translate or edit it to suit your needs.
  20. LSDeep

    Other [Banxix] Auto Close Threads 1.0.1

    The addons allow you to automatically close threads after X minutes in specified forums. Conditions: Close threads after X minutes. Close based on Thread creation date or last message date. Exclude sticky threads. Exclude usergroups. Performance impact: None Query: None I have just written...