Xenforo 2.x Custom Staff Online Titles


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Aug 10, 2019
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This is a short and simple guide to achieve custom staff online titles since ordinarily it shows your profile user title instead of a staff title for staff online.

Go to the template widget_members_online.


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For Administrator, Super Moderator, and Moderator replace with:

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You will need to replace x, y, or z inside of this with your usergroup id:

To find the number of your usergroup click on the usergroup in settings from your admin panel and look in the URL. The number you see in the URL is the number of your usergroup.

Then you would simply change the user title between the correct div to the appropriate title for it to appear in staff online.

To do this for more than 3 usergroups you simply add another xenforo elseif statement like above and place it right after the first 3.

Now when you go to view staff online the usertitle it should have now be the custom usertitle.

What this template modification allows you to do:

It allows you to have a staff title in staff online of your choosing without having to use the default user title given to staff. It allows you to use a custom title only visible in staff online. This is mainly used when someone doesn't want their user title to be their staff name and instead wants to use user ranks or another form of showing their staff identity. In other words your only changing the title of the staff online title.